At Snooza, we make quality pet beds that are designed to last. Our products are durable, repairable, luxurious and harmonious with modern homes, whilst minimising our impact on the planet. Read on to see our list of our best dog beds.

Calming Cuddler 

The Calming Cuddlers are the perfect beds to calm and relax your pet. Super soft long pile vegan faux fur paired with soft raised walls and a deep sleeping area provide the ultimate retreat for anxious pets and those that relish the feeling of safety and security. The Cuddler Beds feature removable, replaceable and washable covers, and are available in a wide range of colours. 

Travel Bed

The stylish Travel Bed is perfect for nervous travelers, calming them with a comfortable, familiar space of their own whilst travelling in the car. It has a dual function - both a travel bed in the car and a portable bed for use at your destination, eg. outdoors or on vacation. 

The Travel Bed features padded walls and calming plush cushion to make a cosy, comforting space for your dog. The cushion is reversible, with chinchilla faux-fur or water-resistant sides to choose from depending on the need. The bed body is water-resistant and tear-resistant while protecting your car seats. The Travel Bed features two adjustable, positional straps to hold the chair in place. The back strap loops around the car chair and the top strap loops around the headrest. Sizes available are Small and Medium. 


Organic Pet Futon

The Organic Pet Futon offers the ultimate in versatility & comfort for your pet, with an inner wool blend mattress and an outer anti-allergy organic cotton cover. Wool has always been recognised as the ideal fibre for bedding. It provides natural breathability and temperature regulation, so it's warm in winter cool in summer. 


The Original Snooza Dog Bed

Made to withstand the harshest conditions, The Original Snooza Dog Bed is the bed that started us in 1989! Australian made here by us, we use 25.4mm steel tube galvanised on both sides (so that it won't rust from the inside out), we weld the frame at all contact points & then hand sew (we will never use staples) a new durable jute cover on it.

Available in sizes S-XL, the Original Snooza Dog Bed features removable and replaceable covers, designed & built to last.



The Snuggler Bed features a plush faux-fur that lines the entire interior of the bed and helps to have a calming effect on your pet. Super comfort orthopaedic support foam cushions the base providing the perfect stable base for younger and older dogs alike, while the soft filled bolstered sides add protection and comfort providing a sense of calm for anxious pets. 

The Snuggler features a non-slip base and zippered removable covers for easy washing. Each bolster is removable, replaceable and washable.



Calming Multimat 

Our Australian Made Calming Mulitmat is the perfect all-round versatile Mat. Featuring the same material as our Calming Cuddler beds the Calming Multimat was designed to snuggly fit all popular crate sizes. Using some of the same principles as the Cuddler, the texture of the soft long pile faux fur helps to calm pets allowing them to snuggle into the fibres - perfect to help anxious pets. It's a fantastic go-anywhere multi-purpose mat - it makes a super floor mat, crate mat, puppy training mat, in the car or on holiday.

The Calming Multimat is great paired with our raised beds such as the Flea-Free Bed, or Fleaproofer Bed, and features velcro tabs at the corners to prevent sliding around. Note - choose one size down if fitting to a raised bed i.e. a Medium size Multimat will fit a Small size Flea-Free bed. 


The Cat Bed

The Cat Bed was designed for the quarantine services of Australia for use in their feline facility. It can be inverted, reversed & converted and is fully machine washable & extra durable. It’s made using luxurious faux-fur, offering two pile heights. The opening has flexible boning to keep it open or rolled down as you please.

You can use this bed in its tunnel form with the plush fur inside or out, rolled into a pod or turn it into a cuddly round bed. This ultimate Cat Bed is also great for small dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets & rats.