Repair service

Whilst we cannot warrant our products against the damage pets can cause (dogs can chew through bone after all!), we do offer our Snooza Repair Service in an effort to extend the life of your Snooza product. So if your pet's shown their bed a little too much love, we may be able to help.

About our service

Before you send anything to us, there are a few things to note.

Firstly, we need to be sure that your Snooza product can be repaired. As hard as we try, sometimes there's just too much damage even for us to fix. Please phone us for assistance or email us a photo if you're unsure. If we believe that your Snooza is beyond repair, we will inform you ASAP.

If we believe your Snooza is repairable, then we ask that you launder your product before sending it back to us. If we receive a Snooza product that is not laundered, OH&S regulations prevent our seamstresses from repairing it. We will launder it and charge you $15 per load.

If replacement zips and parts are required, these will be charged at a reasonable cost. A member of the Snooza Customer Service Team will contact you with these costs, before proceeding with the repair.

Please note that postage costs are not included in the Snooza Repair Service and must be covered by the customer.

Our Snooza Repair Service* is not available outside Australia.

Getting your Snooza back to us

Please log your repair by sending a photo to our customer service team via email at

Repairs that are not logged cannot be accepted. 

Our team will let you know the best way to get your Snooza bed back to us. This may include posting your Snooza product directly to us; by saying hello to us in person via drop off at our factory during business hours; or if you live in the Melbourne metropolitan area, via your local Snooza stockist where we may arrange to collect it from them.

No matter the method, please be sure to include your name, email & telephone number with your product. It's also best to send back ONLY the part that needs repairing.