For decades now, one of Snooza’s deepest convictions has been it’s commitment to our Planet, minimising waste and ensuring our products are built to last.

It wasn’t that long ago that we had a worm farm, in the back of our factory, where we would dispose of our organic waste and unwanted paper. 

Today,  the market is increasingly flooded with cheap, disposable pet beds and we know that these all end up as landfill.  We don’t want Snooza products to end up as landfill, so we do what we can to ensure they last for as long as possible.  We do this by making products that last, but also offering services that can prolong the life of your Snooza.

The choices we make about the materials and components we use and where we source them from, also have our Planet at heart.  Whether it’s recycled materials, greener foams or organic cotton, we are constantly striving to lighten our touch on our Planet.

We start with the origins of our materials

Our fibre-fill is recycled PET, made from recycled plastic drink bottles.  In our Snooza fill, we blend this recycled fibre fill, with Australian made foams.

Australian foam manufacturers operate to the highest standards in the world, which is why we only use locally sourced, Australian made foams in our beds.

We only use Australian steel, which we use to manufacture our raised beds.

We choose to source as many materials from Australia for quality and to reduce our carbon footprint from international transport.

In 2019, we will be upgrading our cotton products to Organic Cotton.  Our new Pet Futon is the first product to use this natural fibre.

Organic cotton plantations use up to 80% less water than non-organic cotton.  Organic cotton does not use pesticides, or herbicides, which are not only detrimental to our Planet, but also to cotton farmers.  We also believe that using Organic Cotton ultimately produces a better product for your pet.

Our quest to make our business and products greener continues, as we constantly explore new technologies and better practices.

Making products that last

Snooza is famous for its commitment to making quality pet products and we employ skilled designers and seamstresses, to ensure our products are built to last.

Our beds are washable.  You can remove most covers on our beds and wash them.

We sell replacement covers and part.  Rather than purchase a new bed, why not simply replace its cover, or fill, or foam?

We design most of our beds to allow you to refill or add fill to them, as you require over time.

If your dog is a chewer and damages their bed, our Snooza Repair Service is here to help.  Our seamstresses can repair most damage and if they can’t, we’ll let you know.  The repair service is free, but if zips or hardware need replacing, we’ll charge a reasonable fee only.

Read more about Snooza Repair Service here.

We refurbish and donate old beds

Years ago, we established the Save-A-Bed Scheme, with the purpose of discouraging our customers to throw away their unwanted Snoozas and sending them back to us instead.

We’ll then repair them, refurbish them and donate them to any number of refuges and animal welfare organisations that we support.

All of these initiatives and Snooza services are our way of reducing our impact on our Planet.  We aim to help our Planet, one bed at a time..