Doo Doo Good Eco Bags & Dispensers

Together we are helping
50% of profit is donated
Help reduce plastic in landfill

50% donated to charity

With every purchase of Snooza Doo Doo Good Eco Bags or the Bag Dispenser, we ‘doo doo good’ together by donating to Animal Assistance charities.

Doo Doo Giving

50% of the profit of every Snooza Doo Doo Good Eco Bag or Dispenser is donated to support Assistance Animal charities. These very special dogs provide support and companionship for many who suffer from PTSD, disabilities, diabetes and autism. They also assist in aged care homes, schools, with the mobility impaired and other special needs. These furry friends, and their trainers, are true frontline health heroes!

Assistance Dogs Australia

Snooza is an official supporting partner of Assistance Dogs
Australia. Founded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia train dogs to support people living with a physical disability, autism, PTSD or children with learning difficulties, as well as providing services to these individuals and their families.

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Paws for Diabetics

Paws for Diabetics Inc is a charitable non-profit organisation of dedicated volunteers and trainers, who train diabetic alert dogs. These dogs are the latest tool in Diabetes management, as they give their owners warning well in advance of an impending hypoglycemic episode, which allows for prompt treatment to avert the episode from happening. A hypoglycemic attack left untreated can lead to coma or even death, so these dogs are real lifesavers.

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Meet our first sponsor dog!

Snooza is the proud sponsor of a female black Labrador, born on 20th May 2021. Lila is currently in training with a puppy educator so that she can be a support dog when she is 2 years old, through Assistance Dogs Australia.

Lila at 16 weeks old

Lila is now practicing her home manners and gentle greetings. She is practising settling and staying calm both at home and when out and about. Lila has made great progress building her confidence walking on both sides of her Educator and practising the mechanics of “sit”, “down” and “stand”. Lila has also learnt how to safely board and ride travelators and lifts!

Doo Doo Good to our planet

100% Biodegradable

The Doo Doo Good Eco Bags are made from 100% compostable, planet friendly corn starch and plant based materials, leaving no micro plastics behind. They are strong enough to hold heavy loads, and natural enough to break down over 45-90 days, depending on the compost conditions.

Certified Compostable

They are fully certified by the ABA and independent testing facilities, and meet Australian, US and European composting standards. They can be disposed of in an animal waste compost bin, or regular rubbish bin. Contact your local council for suggested ‘doo doo’ disposal locations.

Reducing Waste

Both Doo Doo Good Eco Bags and Eco Bag Dispensers are reducing landfill on our planet. The Eco Bags are made from all plant-based materials and so leave no micro-plastics behind once it has biodegraded. The Dispensers are made from fabric off-cuts of Snooza pet beds! Every little bit counts.

100% Compostable
Plant-based Materials
Plastic Free

The Waste Bags

Guilt-free, planet-friendly doo-doo waste bags

• 100% Compostable
• Certified by the ABA
• Fully biodegradable, 18 micron plastic free soft-touch bags
• Made from corn starch & plant-based materials
• Can be disposed of in dog waste compost or regular rubbish bin

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The Dispenser

Guilt-free, planet-friendly doo-doo waste bag dispenser

• Made from Snooza bed off-cuts, reducing waste
• Easy, secure attachment to lead using hook & loop fastener and clip
• Made from tough polyester fabric

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Doo Doo Good System

Put bag roll in dispenser. Pull first bag through slot. Attach to lead with clip and hook & loop tabs. Take furry friend for walk. Wait for the ‘Doo Doo’. Dispose of in compost or regular rubbish bin.

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DIY Home ‘Doo Doo’ Composting

Once the ‘doo doo’ is done, these waste bags are ideally disposed of in a doggie waste composting unit. Find out how to build your own at home. Enter your details to download the DIY Doo Doo Composting Guide. We’ll send you a copy to your email as well!

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