Our pets are our family - a code we live by here at Snooza, and we include them in our celebrations as we do all family members.

Whether the gift you give your pet is quality time, treats or a friend to play with you can never underestimate the gift of comfort.

As it can be with humans, this time of year can also be stressful for pets. A change in routine, lots of bustle, not to mention parties, BBQs, and friends and family visiting can sometimes mean our beloved pets feel a little displaced.

A place of their own where pets can rest, retreat and feel safe is important for their wellbeing. No matter what age or need your pet may have we pretty much have a sleep solution for everyone. 

Try these picks below to keep your pet well-rested and snoozing peacefully this holiday period with the gift of comfort from Snooza.

1. SupaDry Mitt $39.90. 2. Multimat Chinchilla from $69.90. 3. Chaise Lounge from $169.90. 2. Calming Cuddler in Blossom from $89.90. 5. Fleaproofer Limited Edition Dusty Blue from $109.90 (Large). 6. Snooza Tuff All Weather Ortho Snuggler from $149.90. 7. Summer Edition Pet Futon from $79.90.


**Whilst we will do our very best to ensure that all our orders will be sent out in time for delivery by Christmas we cannot foresee any delays that may affect delivery times within the postal network.

Our Top Picks for pics for your very good girl or very good boy.

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