Doo Doo Good Eco Bags

50% to charity; 100% compostable. Doo Doo Good for our community and our planet.


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Doo Doo Good Eco Bags


Doo Doo Good Eco Bags

Doo Good for our community and for our planet.
Snooza Doo Doo Good Eco Bags are made from 100% compostable, planet-friendly corn starch & plant-based materials, leaving no microplastics behind. Not only are they planet friendly, but people-friendly too!

50% of the profit of Snooza Doo Doo Good Eco Bags is donated to support Assistance Animal charities, who provide love, care & life-saving services to many deserving Australians.

The bags are soft to touch and easy to separate, made from corn starch and plant-based materials.
They are made to fit the Doo Doo Good Eco Bag Dispenser which are made from Snooza bed off-cuts and help to reduce waste. Once used, dispose of the waste bags into your home compost or regular rubbish bin.
Contact your council for suitable composting locations, or build your own DIY doo doo composting unit.

To find out more about what we 'doo' and how you are helping, click here

*Bag dispenser not included


  • Made from corn starch & plant-based materials
  • 18 micron, plastic-free soft-touch material
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Certified by the Australiasian Biodegradable Association
  • Meets Australian, European & USA compostable standards

Product Care

Approximately 12-month shelf life. Store in a cool, dry location to extend shelf life as much as possible.

  • Your pet

    • Your pet's 'Doo Doos' do good for the community

  • You

    • Doo-ing good for our planet and our community
  • Our planet

    • Fully compostable and biodegradable

Snooza Doo Doo Good Eco Bags

Our Doo Doo Good Eco Bags presented by Dr Katrina Warren