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    Also referred to as the Flatpack Dog Bed because it disassembles. Using 19mm square tube for the mini, small & medium sizes & 25.4mm for the large & extra large sizes, we powdercoat the steel frame with a high gloss heritage green finish. Our tough, open-weave, breathable outdoor fabric cover is a cinch to clean (just wipe down) & with a four bolt assembly it's simple to replace. IMPROVED - Now with extra strength fully welded hems. 

    All of our steel frame beds are made to last. Raised approximately 20cm off the ground, the beds ensure cold air flows under rather than through your pet. The Flea-Free is the most versatile of our raised beds as it can take any of our covers & accessories... Original, Fleaproofer, Woolly Cover, Multimat. As part of our 'Smart Parts' philosophy we also ensure you can always get replacement parts, right down to the bolts.

    The Flatpack Flea-Free: If you're ordering your Flea-Free online it will come in flatpack form. Which will mean some assembly is required. It's very straight forward and instructions are included inside the pack. It's much less expensive to send and it travels more safely this way.

    Flatpack Flee-Free

    Taking Care: Our Flea-Free Dog Bed is designed to be pretty maintenance free. It's easy to clean and copes will all sorts of weather. However, with use, the bolts can slowly unwind so they may just need the occasional tighten to keep everything stable.

  • Sizes (sleeping area):
      Length Width
    Mini 460mm 430mm
    Small 690mm 550mm
    Medium 900mm 550mm
    Large 1020mm 700mm
    Extra Large 1150mm 780mm
    All sizes are approximate. For overall length of the bed
    including the legs) add approximately 20cm.
  • Remove the cover. Wash with a mix of 1/4 cup bleach, 1/4 cup of mild detergent & 4 litres of water. Do not use solvent based cleaners. Line dry only.
  • Customer Reviews

    Amazing beds and company! Review by Alicia

    Read above review- I had a brilliant BC for 16 wonderful years and we went all over Vic competing in agility and packed this bed up & took it with us . When she got older and retired she LOVED this bed -topped it with a sheepskin futon with straps. After Lucy had gone to Rainbow Bridge I contacted Snooza and they sent a rep up to Gippsland and got the bed and it has gone to people that rehabiliate and rehome dogs! Brilliant products and brilliant company!

    (Posted on 12/04/2018)
    Durable, versatile Review by Molly

    Labs and Golden Retrievers.
    XL size - summer 1 dog per bed, winter 2..
    I've had these for 10 years.
    Still got the original ones
    They are still absolutely fine.
    The outdoor ones are rusty on the legs, and where the green has come off, but that doesn't matter
    Original mats still.
    I just packed 3 of them up for a holiday in another state for a couple of months - 3 large dogs, 3 beds, 1 station wagon.. easy as.
    I put futons on the top of them normally when it isn't going to rain.
    They cost more, but last - don't sag or fade (not that I care about fade).

    (Posted on 29/10/2016)
    Cats love them too! Review by Iggy

    What's with the discrimination? Dog Bed? My Cats love these beds!! So much more comfortable than dried leaves to sleep on, and you don't have to worry if it has been raining. Best Sunbeds ever - and what Cat doesn't love a Sunbed: sunshine on top and fresh air underneath. Also fun for play, the mesh means you can see through and play with someone underneath. Summer or Winter, rest and play - magic!

    (Posted on 19/08/2016)
    Dog-gone Brilliant! Review by Buddy

    Bought this bed for my previous baby who enjoyed it for years before passing. Now, its been inherited by my new boy who loves it just as much. Can be collapsed for transport - works well when camping! Suits summer & winter with flexible bedding options. Being able to by replacement bits and pieces to fix those little mishaps (they happen with a 60kg Rotti!) is a real selling point. Well designed, durable, and practical. A great product and one well worth the money. Wouldn't be without it.

    (Posted on 1/07/2016)

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