We often get asked about indestructible dog beds...which makes us giggle. If there is one thing that comes up often in the word of pet bedding it's the question; why does my dog chew? It's absolutely normal for dogs and puppies to chew as they explore the world. It's important for us to understand that it's not always destructive behaviour, it's natural. In younger dogs and puppies, chewing can be a result of teething. Our recommendation for puppies is always to use a banana box with old blankets as bedding until they come out of this destructive stage, and then invest in some good quality Snooza bedding for them to enjoy. In older adult dogs chewing is nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration. 

However, there is also destructive chewing behaviour that can occur in dogs for reasons such as separation anxiety, hunger, lack of stimulation (both mental & physical), stress and or frustration. If these are the reasons your dog has been chewing it’s best to deal with it before the behaviour gets out of hand. 

So comes the question; will Snooza beds stand up to chewers? Our expertise is in dog bedding, we've been making pet beds since 1989 after all. We can offer you our best suggestions from our range that will last the distance. But, so it’s clear there is no such thing as an indestructible dog bed. Unless it’s made from concrete or steel (which may not be particularly comfortable) there’s no such thing and you shouldn’t listen to claims of the sort from other bedding manufacturers. Fabric is absolutely no match for a dog's teeth – they can chew through solid bone after all so fabric won’t last long in their mouths. 

We do have some tough dog beds available (not indestructible by any means) but definitely tough with a capital T. 

They are the:

D1000, Original Dog Bed, Durobed 



Why the Snooza D1000?

“This bed is brilliant!... They love the comfort of it & I love how tough & durable it is. The outer cover is wonderfully hardy; I can put it outside for them during the day without any worries. Thanks for a wonderful product.” - Dee Symons

It’s made from super-tough 1000 denier fabric, which is machine washable, Teflon coated, UV treated, flea-free, re-fillable & waterproof. The cover is sealed with a completely hidden, super durable zipper & the washable inner is also fully zippered to make washing easy! As the dangly part of the zip (or pull tab) is often enticing to a dog & can lead to a bed’s eventual demise we deliberately leave it off. To remove the cover, simply slide a paper clip through the slider – clever right? 


A note on waterproof dog beds.

The D1000 is super tough and has a water repellent cover. Whilst this means dogs & water have a hard time getting in, it’s also difficult for air to get out! So, please be patient in getting your dog used to this new feeling. After the first couple of uses the ‘puffiness’ will subside & your dog, like ours, will love it. 



Why the Snooza Original Dog Bed?

“The original & still the best.”
-Leigh Milvain

This is where it all began for Snooza Pet Products back in 1989. This bed hasn’t changed much since then. The tough steel frame is galvanised inside and out (so that it won’t rust from the inside out). The frame is also welded at all contact points. We hand sew a durable jute cover onto the frame (which means no nasty staples!). The covers can be replaced at a relatively low cost which means this bed should last your dog a very long time.

Our covers are made from brand new jute, not recycled like some & the natural give they provide makes them ideal for older dogs. Even better, the taste of jute isn’t particularly appealing to dogs so it may act as a natural chew repellent. 



Our Durobed is tenacious. It’s made from UV treated shade cloth style fabric which means it won’t fade, it’s mould resistant, it can cope with all types of weather & it’s very easy to clean (simply hose it down).

It’s been known to withstand a lot of rough and tumble from more destructive dogs & we feel confident in recommending it as a durable option.

Unless you’ve dealt with the behaviour in your dog that’s caused the chewing and destructive behaviour we don’t recommend you leave them unattended with their bedding until you’ve taken steps to alleviate the destructive behaviour or it’s passed naturally.

For beds that have been shown a little too much love by their owners, we offer a Repair Service. For us to carry out a repair the bed does need to be in a reasonable condition, our general rule of thumb is if more than one-third of the bed is destroyed it’s beyond repair. Anything else, we can handle (new zippers included). 

Remember, we're only a phone call or email away if you ever need: (03) 9587 3455, info@snooza.com.au 

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