“I wish we had found you sooner, you make the best beds”. This is something that we hear often if not daily.

We are not Kmart dog beds, we repeat NOT Kmart dog beds. We make quality pet beds to last and last and we're the only pet bedding manufacturer to offer a Repair Service to extend the life of your pet's bed.

So, we thought we should talk about what it is that makes the best dog beds & cat beds!


To start with, the love that we put into our beds is second to none; we really do care about what we do and how we do it.  Our huge range speaks for itself, we have tried our very best to design a dog bed or cat bed for every type of pet and we’re not finished yet. From luxury dog beds to the cosiest cat beds and everything in between, we like to think we have you and your pet spoilt for choice.

We sew our washing labels flat. Why? A visible washing tag dangling off a seam is like a red rag to a bull for some dogs. It just screams “chew me”. And what good is a washing label come laundry day if it has been destroyed?

Hidden zippers! Pets are so smart, they like to explore with their little noses and teeth so we hide the zips to deter chewing. We do such a good job that sometimes it can be hard for you to find our zips but rest assured they are there. We’ve even gone as far as removing the toggle on our D1000 to make it extra hard for curious pooches to get to the good stuff inside.

Non-slip paws on the base of our soft indoor beds are a fun but functional feature perfect for tiled or wooden floors, and in case of over-excited running leaps to bed.

Removable covers.  Well, this goes without saying! They make washing a breeze and you can update your look or replace your older well-loved covers down the track without having to replace the whole bed! And because we have so many fabrics to choose from you can have a set of covers to suit every season! Lighter fabrics for summer or a plush or woolly fabric for winter!

Filling.  Not too much, not too little… just enough fill to nest and provide comfort (did we mention it can be topped up and removed)? Our Snoozafill is machine washable (helps keep the fluff lofty) & can be washed while contained in the bed itself (we don't use non-woven non-washable insert covers either). Alternatively, our anti-static (so nothing sticks to it!) Snooza Laundry Bag means you can easily wash the filling, even with our great big beds. Capable of handling up to 1kg of Snoozafill, any cover or most small to medium complete beds, inners or cushions it can be used in the washer or dryer as per the individual product’s instructions.

Machine washable. We like to make it easy, nothing tricky here! The covers and the soft fill of your Snooza bed can all be machine washed by following the directions on the individual product’s washing labels. Our Snoozafill is contained in a zippered inner cover that is fully machine washable too! The foam on the inside of our formed foam beds can be spot cleaned.

Designed for the pet.  Puppy, kitten, adolescent, active, senior, post-surgery, special needs – all have specific needs. We design beds for every pet no matter their age, condition or preferences.