Looking For a Human Size Dog Bed? Our Jumbo Calming Cuddler is (Literally) the World's Largest!

Room for one, room for two, room for you!

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The most popular, 5-star, Calming Cuddler now comes in GIANT human size! It's been made to easily fit a giant dog, two large dogs, three or more small-medium dogs, and even you too! This spacious, human-sized, super-soft, dog bed is the ultimate calming retreat for the whole furry family. With luxurious, long-pile faux-fur fabric, paired with soft raised walls and a deep sleeping area, the Jumbo Calming Cuddler promises the feeling of comfort, safety and security, also making it perfect for anxious pets.

5 Reasons Why the Calming Cuddler is the #1 Human Size Dog Bed:

1. Soothes Anxiety

Covered in super soft, long-pile faux-fur paired with soft raised walls and a deep sleeping area, the Calming Cuddler is designed to calm anxious pets and is perfect for those that relish the feeling of safety and security. 

2. Sustainable & Anti-landfill

The Calming Cuddler beds are made to last, with upholstery-grade, durable fabrics and quality workmanship by skilled designers and seamstresses. Snooza believe in taking care of our planet too, as well as you and your pets. 
And did you know that Snoozafill inserts are made from recycled PET plastic drink bottles? This can be washed and also refilled when needed. 

You can help to prolong the life of your Snooza pet bed too:


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Wash your pet's bed to keep it fresh. The Calming Cuddler has removable and machine washable covers and fibre fill. (Jumbo sized covers will not fit into a household washing machine. We recommend using a trough or bathtub to hand wash or use an industrial sized washer). 

Also available: Snoozafill refill packs; the Laundry Bag to hold the Snoozafill while washing.


The Calming Cuddler and most of Snooza's beds are filled with Snoozafill (made from a blend of recycled plastic bottles and Aussie foam crumb) which are available to purchase separately which you can use to plump up your bed when needed.

Giant human size dog bed black labrador best ever


All Snooza beds have replacement covers available, for when you wash the bed and need a second set, or if you just feel like a colour change. And in case of another part needing replacement such as a foam insert or a screw or foot cap on a raised bed, you can purchase individual replacement covers, parts and inserts. 


If your Cuddler receives a little bit too much love from your pup, Snooza offers a repair service, where their seamstresses can repair damaged beds or replace zips (conditions apply). You can read more about the Snooza Repair Service here or contact the friendly customer service team on 9587 3455 or info@snooza.com.au.


To avoid unwanted Snooza beds ending up in landfill, they introduced the Save-A-Bed Scheme, where you can send your bed back to their factory in bayside, Melbourne, which is then refurbished and donated to a variety of pet shelters and animal welfare organisations.

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3. Australian Made

The Calming Cuddler is made at the Cheltenham factory right here in Melbourne, Australia. Snooza aims to source as many materials from Australia as possible- to support local businesses, and also to reduce their carbon footprint from international transport.


Giant human size dog bed with great dane female woman owner in it too

4. Stylish, Contemporary Fabrics

The Calming Cuddler comes in 11 different colours and fabrics to suit modern homes. The Jumbo Calming Cuddler currently comes in the most popular Silver Fox shag-pile. The colours and upholstery-grade fabrics are chosen to age gracefully, with classic shades and textures that will complement your furniture, including vegan faux-fur plush, short-pile and long-pile, and a smooth, cooling fabric too. There is something to suit everyone - see the full range here.

5. Because Pets Love It!

Last but not least - the Calming Cuddler is paws down pets' favourite! It isn't rated 5-stars for no reason - our customers are constantly telling us how their pets love their new Calming Cuddler - so much so that they prefer it over their owner's bed! 

Check out what people are saying about the 5-Star Calming Cuddler:

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