1. Managing Pet Hair

Pet hair in the home is one of the most common problems experienced by pet owners.

All dogs and cats shed hair – some a lot more than others. 

  • Choose a low-shedding dog - can make a huge difference but low-shedding dog breeds will require regular clipping. Examples include: Poodle crosses, Bedlington Terriers, Bichon Frise, Maltese Dogs, Poodles and Schnauzers.
  • Choosing a smooth or short-coated breed may also reduce the overall volume of shedding - Chinese Crested Dogs, Chihuahuas, Whippets, Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds
  • Choose a vacuum designed to lift pet hair. If you allow your pets on the furniture use washable slipcovers or throw-rugs can be used to prevent fur accumulation and keeping furniture fresh. 
  • Be diligent with your grooming

 2. Couches

Certain fabrics such as wool, velvet and tweed easily collect pet hair and dirt more than others like Ultrasuede and Microfiber. Pet owners select fabrics and covers  for their ease of cleaning. Owners of light-coloured pets often choose cream or white slipcovers because they don’t show the hair but light colours do tend to show dirt and stains.

Leather or faux leather can also be a good furniture option as it doesn’t hold hair and is easy to clean. Leather may get scratched though. 

If you allow your pets on the furniture, washable slipcovers or throw-rugs can be used to prevent fur accumulation and make it easy to clean and keep furniture fresh. Check out the Snooza Calming Blanket in Mink, Silverfox or Natural; or if you are worried about accidents, the waterproof Dry Luxe Blanket in Chinchilla is great for absorbing liquids and preventing it seeping through onto your furniture. 

3. Flooring

Avoid wall to wall carpet which will quickly entrap pet odours and hair and can be hard to very clean if there are messes. Tiles and floorboards are more manageable but choose the right colour flooring eg. dark floorboards will show up light pet hair more than light floorboards. You need a floorboard that is tough and scratch resistant –large dogs may scratch floorboards. Muddy paws make a quick mess of floors, so place an absorbent mat like the Snooza Supa Dry Noodle Mat near the door to wipe paws after walks.

3. Pet Bedding & Accessories

Think about colours to blend with your home colour scheme. Buy beds that have simple to remove, washable covers. Snooza has throw rugs to match some of their pet bedding to keep styles consistent through the house, like the Calming Cuddler bed & Calming Blanket in Mink. They also come in matching Silverfox, or Natural colourways and the blanket and the bed covers and fill are fully machine washable.

Keeping pets off your furniture is the best way to prevent you, your family and visitors being covered in hair whenever you sit on the couch. 


If you’ve got a new puppy or kitten you it’s a good idea to train them to stay off the furniture right from the start. Restricting pets to areas in your home with hard surface flooring, such as tiles and floorboards will make managing pet messes easier. A puppy Playpen or crate training can be very helpful and will ensure your pet can’t chew your furniture. Using confinement is the best way to set up good chew habits with your pet. 

Crates no longer need to be ugly – check out Snooza’s 2 in 1 Convertible Training Crate and range of accessories, including covers and crate beds, designed to blend in with your home.

Snooza’s range of modern and contemporary dog beds & accessories make it easier to keep pet-friendly homes stylish with products that not only look good in your home, but are a practical for keeping it clean to save you the stress! Check out their full range at www.snooza.com.au.