Most of us love a road trip and they’re even more enjoyable when your best four-legged friend comes along for the ride. What isn’t fun though is the mess that can sometimes go hand in hand with these excursions – wet noses, fur, mud, sand and grubby paw prints!

So we set out to design a car seat cover the Snooza way. It had to be reversible & convertible, it had to be hardwearing and it absolutely had to be fully machine washable. Seat belt holes had to be reinforced and we wanted to design packaging that was environmentally friendly and multipurpose - no plastic here thank you!

Our trusty Ang took on the task of designing the best car seat cover around & what a stellar job she’s done! 

It’s been in development for over three years, diligently trialled and tested time & time again until we got it just right. So rest assured this one’s truly been put through its paces before making its way to market.

The Road Tripper is our hammock style car seat cover that protects your pet and your upholstery when you’re both out on the road. Designed to fit most medium/large sized Cars/SUVs it attaches to both the front and rear seats making sure your pal stays safety on the back seat*. 

Have another passenger riding along? No problem, the full zip lets you cover all or half of the back seat and in true Snooza style seat belt holes are reinforced and the zip is covered to protect your car’s fabric or leather upholstery from any rubbing. It’s also fully reversible, choose from cosy polar fleece on one side or water-resistant ribbed fabric on the other for those wetter outings. When you get home simply pop it in the washing machine for the next road trip – easy peasy!

The Road Tripper also comes in its own handy carry bag for storage or to carry all the fun things associated with a day out – balls, frisbees, treats… how clever!

So get out there and enjoy some outdoor time with your pet without worrying about the car clean up later. The park/ beach /river is calling!

 * Pets should be suitably restrained within your vehicle in adherence with the laws in your state.