In the warmer months of the year, we all know the basic rules for keeping our furry companions comfortable: providing ample water, ensuring access to shade, and avoiding those midday walks under the blazing sun, but as we strive to keep our dogs cool, there are lots of little things we can do that can make a significant difference to their comfort. 


Here are 3 ideas to keep your pooch cool.


  1. Change their bedding 


Changing their bedding to a cooler sleeping surface is a simple yet effective way to help your pets beat the heat. Opt for breathable, lightweight fabrics that don't trap heat. Remove extra cushions and blankets. 

  • The Snooza Futon has an organic cotton cover that is simple to change and contains a wool blend designed to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • The Snooza Flea-Free elevated dog bed is raised 20cm off the ground and made from an open-weave, breathable mesh to allow air flow under, through and around the bed, keeping your dog elevated, supported, and cool in warmer weather.
  • The Snooza Calming Cuddler now has the option of a "cool cover" This smooth and soft fabric is cool to touch- perfect for summer! Depending on the season, this cover can easily be swapped with the other Cuddler covers.


2 Offer frozen treats 

Dogs love treats, and frozen goodies can help them beat the heat. 

Preparing homemade frozen treats is a fun way to help your dog beat the heat. You can freeze dog-safe fruits like watermelon, banana, or blueberries in ice cube trays or moulds. Or stuff a chew toy with their favourite meal and freeze overnight. Be mindful of the portion size and supervise your dog while they enjoy their cool snacks.


3 Cooling products


There has been a significant surge in pet-cooling products over the past few years, from cooling vests to self-cooling mats and bandanas. These products use various cooling technologies such as gel-infused materials, evaporative cooling, or other materials that help regulate a dog's body temperature. They can be especially beneficial for breeds prone to overheating, such as brachycephalic breeds like bulldogs and pugs or dogs with thick coats.  


The Snooza Cooling Travel Mat uses cool-touch heat-transferring technology to transfer heat away from your pet. The cold-touch yarn & thermal conductive layers produce a cooling effect. This mat does not use gel and does not need refrigeration.

It's our duty as pet parents to ensure our furry friends are safe and comfortable during the hot months By keeping them hydrated, limiting exercise in extreme heat, providing shade and ventilation, using cooling products and being aware of the signs of overheating, you can make this summer an enjoyable on  for your beloved canine companion.