We were lucky to gain some insights from renowned Interior Designer, Judge on 'The Block' and dog parent Darren Palmer for tips on how he keeps his home on point with 3 dogs in the family; Brutus, Frankie and little Razzie. Plus does he let dogs on the bed? Yes or No?


Styling a dog bed into your home for beginners – where do you start?

DP: Start with the best location possible for your pet. Ours want to be with us always so we make sure the dog bed is next to us, we have smaller beds under the coffee table which the little dogs like a lot, it also helps that they’re neat and tidy and out of the way.

What are the key things to consider when buying a pet bed to coordinate with your home interiors? (fabric, design features)

DP: As always, form follows function and the function is to make sure that our pets are cosy and comfortable. It’s great to be able to find fabric options to match our décor but a neutral or grey pet bed inclusion should work in with any interior scheme.

You have 3 doggies – where do they like to sleep and how have you set up a safe doggy space for them to relax and get comfortable in?

DP: The big dog Brutus likes to sleep where I should be, so he favours my side of the bed and also is happiest lazing around on the couch. We have a comfortable, dog friendly house so really, he gets to sleep where he likes.
Frankie the French bulldog likes to sleep next to Brutus, or on top of a human member of the household. She’s not fussy about which human. She just likes to jump up and settle into your lap and go to sleep. Razzie, the littlest one is a Brussels Griffon. She’s tiny so she loves to curl up into any nook she can find close to any one of us, human or doggo.

Darren Palmer's dog Brutus at home on his Sofa

Brutus enjoys some alone time on his Ortho Sofa Chinchilla. Photos credit @darrenpalmerofficial

DP: We’ve set up our Snooza Ortho Sofa and Cuddler beds in front of the fireplace in the holiday house though so they can enjoy the cracking fire in the end of the cool months. In the warm months they just try to find the coolest place and all the huddling together stops! 

Darren Palmers 3 dogs, Brutus, Frankie & Razzie

Brutus & Frankie take the Sofa while Razzie claims the Calming Cuddler Silver Fox in front of the gorgeous fireplace. Photos credit @darrenpalmerofficial

What is your favourite style pet bed?

DP: Obviously the Snooza bed because my dogs are surrounded by a plush and lush wall of comfort. They all have their own, but they tend to group together when it’s cold. A pet bed that is comfortable for them and easy to keep smelling and looking fresh is the one I’m most happy with.

Much like a beautiful couch or pillow cover for your home, Snooza’s extensive range of pet beds are long lasting and machine washable, making them kinder to the planet. Is sustainably important to you when selecting a pet bed?

DP: Making sustainable choices in all of your interiors choices is extremely important. We all want a clean and habitable world to live in and pass to future generations.

Thoughts on pets on the couch or in the bed (no judgement!)?

DP: Yep, they all have access to both. Olivier is dog crazy so I have to ask for a few nights without dogs on the bed here and there, just so I get more than a few centimetres between me and the edge of the bed. They all love to be where we are and that includes bedtime.