As pet lovers, we know our pets deserve to be spoilt with a comfy and cosy sleeping space to relax and recharge, just like us humans. 

What is a Pet Space?

A Pet Space can be anything from a designated bedroom in your house, to a comfy corner in your living room, personalised with pet themed decor and your fur baby's favourite bed. 

Need inspiration to create your own dog or cat bedroom? Check out these #SnoozaPets and their cosy pet spaces created by their pawrents!

Designated Pet Bedroom 

@alfie.kipper's cat bedroom has everything he needs and more! Alfie's pawrent decked out his room with personalised cat pictures on the wall, toys, cosy blankets and the comfiest bed - Ortho Sofa Soho. Now that's paw-some!

Dog Teepee


This dog teepee makes the pawfect spot for Bessie to enjoy her well-deserved naps! You can set up your teepee in any corner of your house when space is limited. Decorate it with some fairy lights, pictures of your pet, their toys and a pillow, and of course their favourite bed. Bessie loves snuggling in her Indoor Outdoor Ortho Nestler, which fits perfectly inside her cosy little space.

Comfy on the Couch

Do you have limited space in your house and are wondering where to set up a comfy spot for your dog? Why not set up on the couch? @gemma.iggy likes to snuggle up in her Calming Cuddler Blossom anywhere her pawrent Kelly puts it around the house! Just add some pillows and you're set! 

Choosing the Right Bed for your Pet Room

While your pet deserves the best comfort, it's also a great idea to choose a high quality dog or cat bed that is durable, to avoid damage from any chewing, scratching and the occasional accident. 

Choose a dog bed that blends well with your interior decor and style, as well as beds with features that work with your pet's needs. Snooza offers your pet high quality, durable and stylish pet beds, while providing your pet with ultimate comfort - browse our pet favourites here