So - what is the best bed for a Cavoodle? We hear this question a lot, and it makes sense to ask, because every dog and breed is unique in their needs. With so many pet bedding options out there in the market, it can be time-consuming choosing the right bed for your darling Cavoodle.

The best bed choice depends on a number of factors, for example: their preferred sleeping style; their age; their health; and where in the home they sleep. It’s also important to consider your own needs and preferences, and what looks good with your furniture!

We’ve put together a list of the best dog beds that your Cavoodle will love to help make your choice easier for you.

Calming Cuddler

If your Cavoodle likes to curl and snuggle up as they sleep, or if they’re prone to anxiety, Snooza’s Calming Cuddler is a great option for them. Just like a big hug, the 5-star Calming Cuddler provides the ultimate retreat for pets that feel anxious, and those that relish the feeling of safety and security. The covers are easily removable for washing, and the eco fill can be machine washed too!. Covers are also available to purchase separately.

For Cavoodles that like to join you on your bed or sofa, a calming blanket will give them a cosy, warm and allocated spot to curl up, while protecting your furniture at the same time.


cavoodle puppy sitting up in calming cuddler bed

Ortho Snuggler

For Cavoodles that need a little bit of extra support and comfort, especially for more senior dogs or those with ailments such as joint or hip pain, arthritis or stiffness, the Snooza Ortho Snuggler has a stable orthopaedic base (that is made in Australia) that evenly disperses the weight of your pet, giving them the support they need. Soft-filled bolster walls add protection and a place to rest their chin for extra comfort. The Ortho Snuggler features removable and replaceable covers and bolsters that are also fully machine washable.


cavoodle sitting up in snuggler bed

Hoodie Cuddler

If your pup likes to burrow deep into their sleeping spot and hide away, the Snooza Hoodie Cuddler provides a safe, calming space perfect for nestling and snuggling. The soothing faux-fur and cosy hooded cover of the Hoodie Cuddler specially acts to soothe and calm anxiety, while the deep pocket provides pets with the comfort and feeling of safety that they just love. This bed is very popular, and sells out quickly, so make sure you get on the waiting list if it’s out of stock.


cavoodle puppy laying in hooded cuddler bed

Organic Pet Futon or Calming Futon

If you find your Cavoodle snoozing in different areas of the home, a lightweight, mattress-style bed gives you versatility allowing you to move it around the house as you please, while giving your pup a familiar space anywhere they rest. With a wool-inner and organic cotton outer cover, the organic cotton cover Pet Futon provides natural breathability with temperature-regulating wool-blend cushion, keeping your pet warm in winter and cool in summer.

If your dog is prone to feeling more anxious and prefers something softer, a long-pile shag futon cover can be interchanged with your existing futon mattress.


staffy laying on pet futon mattress in front of fireplace

Indoor-Outdoor Ortho Nestler

For a great summer alternative, or if your Cavoodle likes to spend time outdoors, the Snooza Indoor Outdoor Ortho Nestler is super versatile, with a durable weather-resistant fabric and a contemporary design, making it great for both inside the home and outdoors. Creating a basket-like feel, the high walls of the Nestler act as protection from wind and cold weather which is great if your pup needs to be outside while you’re all outside, or away from home. The removable and reversible inner cushion (plush on one side, weather-resistant on the other) is super handy! Keep your Nestler as your pet’s forever bed, with removable and replaceable covers and parts available for when their bed needs a refresh! The Australian orthopaedic foam mattress and low opening allow for easy access when climbing onto the bed, and provides a stable and supportive resting space for senior pets’ hips and joints.


murray river retriever sleeping in outdoor dog bed on deck

No matter the life stage or size of your Cavoodle, whether you are choosing to purchase their very first bed, or if their needs have changed as they’ve gotten older, Snooza has a bed to suit them. If you need more help finding the right bed for your pup, reach out to our friendly customer service team on 03 9587 3455 or visit the Snooza showroom at 59 Grange Road Cheltenham, Victoria – don’t forget to bring your furry friend along!