I'm Brigitte Knight, animal lover and Marketing Manager at Snooza Pet Products, Australian manufacturer of designer pet care and comfort products that help ensure a pawfect night sleep for Australia’s beloved dogs and cats.Snooza is an Australian family business that has been operating in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs for over 30 years – providing sleep stations for pets that are crafted to be both stylish in the home, and functional for pets in all shapes and sizes.‘From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, we manufacture a product that suits every single one of them.”Sustainability is core to Snooza Pet Products’ values. All beds are made to be

durable and washable. The company only sources Australian steel for its raised beds, uses recycled drink bottles blended with Australian Made foam crumb for bedding fibre fill, and offers a repair and re-homing service that helps promote longevity and limit landfill at end-of-life. The Snooza Head Office is even built from a recycled fit out to lighten its touch on the planet.All Snooza staff are pet parents themselves, which means they have an appreciation of the important role pets play in Australian families and have an intimate understanding of how to craft bedding and accessories that keep pets happy, comfortable and relaxed.The Australian Made logo is the easiest way to highlight Snooza’s Aussie credentials:“It’s easy to find a koala or flag emblem to use on our products, but it just doesn’t hold the same significance and reputation that using the Australian Made logo does. We find that it’s the fastest way for a customer to identify that it’s a genuine Australian Made product.”

We are proud to be partners with Australian Made, that together support the economy, local businesses and communities.