The 21st Anniversary Celebration of Australia's Pet Futon


“I love your pet beds. I still have a Pet Futon from 15 years ago!! The only bed that lasted the distance.”

 Customer: Deborah Patterson October 2016



Let's go way back


A calico flour bag...

 The Pet Futon 'Original' was our second ever product to market, it was introduced in 1996. We used what was a ‘flour sack’ and turned it into a cover with a wool batt inner.

 During the initial years the Pet Futon became a much loved product, people asked for a selection of sizes. We hate to disappoint so came the Mini & Mighty.

We’re often asked about the naming of our sizes… All those years ago the only product we made was the Original Snooza Dog Bed, naively we didn’t want to confuse by having the same sizes in both beds (who’d have known all these years later we’d make more than 50 products). So we decided the Pet Futon should be known as: Mini, Original & Mighty.

 Many moons later two more colours were introduced, first Green, then Blue.

Not much has changed over the years...

Inside a calico cover we put Australian wool blended with polyester. We close the cover, quilt the Futon to keep the filling in place & then encase it with a removable washable cover.

Snooza Futon Production Process

The Pet Futon hasn’t needed much refinement... but as with everything we do we've listened to customer feedback over time & acted on it.

We added a flap to the Calico cover to keep the inner from sliding out. As well as changing the batt to a wool & polyester blend to allow easier washing (if you've ever washed pure wool, you'll understand why). 

Most important of all...

The Snooza pets who have enjoyed the Pet Futon over the years. Keep the photos, letters & emails coming. Nothing makes us happier than hearing & seeing how much pleasure a Snooza bed brings. If you're feeling social share your snaps with us online #snoozapets 

Pets love the Snooza Pet Futon

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