Privacy Policy

What we do with 'you'

We have designed our site so that you can go just about anywhere without having to divulge any of your personal details but if you place an order, join our mailing list, send us an email… we may need to find out more about you in order to assist.

Reasons we would hang onto your details

-    You've bought something from us
-    You've registered your guarantee
-    You've requested to be on our mailing list
-    You've placed an order with us
-    You're making use of our Free Repair Service
-    You have a question/comment/complaint

General statistical information is also collected to help us improve our website. This relates to your geographical location, how you came to our site and which parts you spent time on, nothing too personal.

What sort of information do we keep

-    Your name
-    Address
-    Phone number
-    Email address
-    Purchase history
-    Repair history
-    Your pet's name, breed and birthday (so we can send them a pressie!)
-    Whether or not you want to receive information from us

If you've said yes to receiving information from us the types of information we send might relate to new products, our factory sale (a very exclusive invitation!) and even calls for product testers or models. Opening up these lines of communication helps us to make better products so we will never abuse this by bombarding you with pointless stuff. You'll really only hear from us a few times a year.

Telling other people

We will NEVER offer your details to another individual or organisation unless we really have to in order to fulfil your request. For example, we must supply your delivery details to our courier company in order to send your order.

You'll only hear from us if you've asked to.

We will not contact you unless you have told us we can. Even if you have, you may take that back anytime, you just need to let us know! Any correspondence you receive from us should come with a link to unsubscribe. However, if at any stage you wish to stop receiving emails from us you can always contact us and let us know that you wish to unsubscribe.

If you think your details are incorrect, please let us know so that we can update them.

Making payments

Online payments are made through Bendigo Bank's secure payment facility which means, we do not have any access to your credit card details – super safe! We also offer PayPal and Afterpay as payment methods which have the highest level of security in the payments industry. 

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