Which style of bed would suit my pet?
Which size should I choose?
What happens if my dog eats his/her bed?
Should I buy a bed for my puppy?
Which bed is chew proof?
Can I wash my bed?
What type of filling do you use?
Which bed is flea proof?
I don't live in Australia, can I still buy your beds?



This is dependent on your dog's size, age, sleeping habits, health issues (if any) & where you want to use the bed. Here are some of the purposes we're most commonly asked about...


Even within breeds size can vary greatly so please use this chart as a guide only. We recommend comparing the approximate measurements on our site to the measurements of your pet (sleeping position is the best guide).

Repair service...

Whilst we cannot guarantee against the damage pets can cause (dogs can chew through solid bone after all so NO fabric is safe!), we do offer a Free Repair Service* in an effort to extend the life of your bed. Replacement parts are also available.

Puppies & chewers...

These are our trickiest customers & it's important to know that NOTHING is indestructible when it comes to dogs. We've worked hard to develop clever preventative measures... hidden zippers, stitching our tags flat & some 'tougher' products to add to our range but puppies are generally better suited to a cardboard box & towels (our cardboard Puppy Cubby is an ideal option as it also assists in training puppies to use a kennel as they get older). Adult chewers should never be left unsupervised with their beds.


Generally, yes. There are washing instructions on the reverse of the Snooza tag sewn into every product. Instructions are also on the relevant product page and on our  Washing  page on our website.


Depends on the bed. Cushion style/loose filled products contain our Snoozafill®, a special blend of spun polyester fibre & crumbed foam designed to provide loft & support & cope with lots of washing. Firmer beds contain foam (our Orthobed is a convoluted foam & our Big Dog Bed contains memory foam). Our Pet Futon contains a wool/polyester blend inner.

Fleas, dust mites...

We do not treat any of our products with chemical repellents, regular washing is the best way to prevent fleas & dust mites from breeding in your pet's bedding so we make all our products as wash friendly as possible. Fleas & mites like dark, warm, cosy places to live & lay their eggs so for this reason our Flea-Free Dog Bed is a great option as there's just no place to hide! Our Pet Futon is completely encased in calico which is such a tight weave that fleas are unable to get through to the inner filling making this product another suitable option.


Of course! If we don't have a distributor in your country please contact us with the size & style of product you're after & we will be in touch with a quote.

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