About us

In the beginning...

Snooza Pet Products has always, & probably will always, live in Melbourne. We began with our ‘Original Dog Bed’ in 1989, closely followed by our iconic (it continually surprises us how widely known it is), Pet Futon. But it wasn't until the arrival of Slugger & Titch (our two mini Dachshunds) in 1994 that things really took off. They came to the factory every day for seven years to inspire us & laid the foundations & work ethos for who we are today! Very, very sadly we eventually lost Titch so along came Jack, to keep Slugger company. They were a great team & oversaw the development of ‘Jack’s Bed’ which has been hugely popular. As we’re all too aware, our pets are very much part of the family so you can imagine our devastation when Jack passed away suddenly in early 2007 & then Slugger only months later.
Gone but not forgotten, we carry on. More faces & more four legged friends, we take all our beds home first (our pets are so spoilt!) to test, wash & test again. We also gratefully seek help from our wider Snooza community (you!) for some unbiased scrutiny before anything hits the shelves (you do need to be on our mailing list though or we have no way of letting you know when the opportunity comes up).

Who are we?…

We are varied.

Some of us have two legs & some of us have four. Collectively we make up 21 fully grown, happy Snoozas, 14 four legged ones & 12 little family members under 10 (we like our families too, so a lot of us work part-time). We bring at least nine different cuisines to the lunchroom, speak eight different languages, celebrate six different faiths & prove happily that age is no issue. Our resident testers (& occasionally models!) will simply not accept mediocrity so continually keep us on our toes & remind us all exactly why we do what we do. But, you also need to know that “behind every great tester is...” the finest crew you'd ever like to work with. Ask any of us!

We celebrate.

We've been making beds for over 20 years & we rejoice together when the anniversaries roll by. But we also celebrate yours…
“Our puppy, Paddington turned 1 year old on 24th August & we were absolutely surprised & delighted to receive a little gift & card from you guys!!! How gorgeous of you - I wanted to say thank you from myself, my husband & of course, Paddi. She LOVED the handmade chew made out of a Snooza doona cover.” - Kate Robertson

We are slow

(in a good way). Slow in developing products (because we like to make sure) & slow because we value the work/life balance. We are not ‘big business’ nor are we slaving away at our desks until after dark. We’re happy to plod along but get it right - we are the tortoise, not the hare!

We care

(very muchly so!). Two of us rotate in the checking area, permanently on the lookout for what must not be let out the front door. You've seen our guarantee - we stand proudly by it. We search for better raw materials & are ever on the lookout for better ways of manufacturing. By the time your best friend is using something from Snooza we feel sure they will be safe & comfortable.

Our way of thinking...

We believe in what we do.

Our products are meant to last. It does not make us happy if you need to replace your bed on a regular basis. Call us silly, but that’s the way we do things. If anything we’d rather it only need the occasional upgrade or part, but essentially lasts you many years (of course, you’re welcome to have more than one bed in the house!). For that reason we make available to purchase separately just about every individual component of your Snooza bed, from the cover to the filling. Our range also incorporates separate zippered inners & removable covers to ensure easy washing, even with the largest size beds.

We don’t forget about you.

Whilst we cannot guarantee against the damage pets can cause, we do offer a Free Repair Service in an effort to extend the life of our products. Lin & Annie our diligent repairers work hard to make sure your pet’s bed (or what’s left of it) is still usable. To help us make sure they don't leave us, please clean your bed before sending it back to us for repair. Replacement parts, if required, will be charged at a minimal cost.

We are here to stay.

We manufacture so we make waste (not something we’re proud of). But, what we are proud of are the ways in which we minimise or deal with the waste we create. We have dedicated bins for paper, plastic & steel & even the lunch scraps go to our worm farm. Our fabric scraps are often donated to local schools or art groups & our distributors happily participate in our bond system which enables us to reuse many of our packing materials.

We are involved.

If you don’t want to make use of our replacement parts, our repair service or, you just can’t wait to try out a new product, you can… without feeling guilty. Through our Save-a-Bed Scheme we gladly accept any Snooza products (in reasonable condition), fix them up a bit if needed & donate them to animals in need. Now we can all feel warm & fuzzy!

We like to keep in touch.

So make the effort to join our mailing list. You'll hear about new products first, our invitation only factory sale & may even be the next product tester.

We love change.

If it means improvements then we embrace change. We need to hear from you if we can improve upon anything we do - be it this website, our range, or absolutely any ideas you have for new products!! 

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