So what will I need?

So you're preparing to bring home your new puppy - how exciting! With so much out there, it can be overwhelming to know what exactly you need to have ready for when you bring them home. We've put together the puppy essentials you'l need when introducing your new puppy into your home.

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Bringing your puppy home

Everything you need for when you introduce your new fur baby into your home.

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Training your new puppy

Dr Katrina shares her top tips on training your new puppy, including socialisation, teaching them to be comfortable alone and when to introduce toys.

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Creating a puppy routine

Creating a daily puppy schedule is beneficial for your puppy and will help them to feel secure, build their confidence and establish good habits quickly. A routine will help with toilet training, eating habits and building their confidence.

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Crate training

Crate training your puppy will help set them up with good habits from the very start.​

The goal of crate training is to create a safe, comfortable and calm place for your dog to relax for periods of time, when you are unable to supervise them. A crate also offers a secure way to transport your dog.

For the benefits of crate training and guiding principles on crating your puppy, visit the link below.

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My puppy chews, bites and wees inside. What should I do?

Navigating the puppy stage means there will be chewing, biting and accidents - which are all part of the process. Dr Katrina shares her top tips to managing these common puppy problems.

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