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    A very sophisticated client (no names!) gave us her wish list. She wanted to:- carry (& hide until she got there) the ball & toys; store those ugly plastic 'clean up' bags; stash the mobile (but still find it when it rang); bring the keys without the incessant rattle; take her wallet (cafe lattes calling); pocket the treats (bribes for having cafe lattes) & definitely & categorically do it in style. Everything was to be hidden but all was to be in easy reach. Would we mind ensuring she could run her dog without dropping anything!!??

    Walking Bag

  • Size:
    Bag Size 250mm 310mm
    Strap Length (min to max) 900mm 1100mm
  • Rinse with warm water & mild detergent if required. Line dry only.
  • Customer Reviews

    This amazing bag holds everything Review by Sharp

    This amazing bag holds everything - dog towel, treats, clean-up bags, purse, tissues, wipes, keys, folding water bowl - but best of all: the easy access phone pocket (and the superb quality).

    A big thank you for a great bag - I love it.

    (Posted on 21/03/2018)
    Not really perfect at all Review by Rob S

    On paper this bag rocks, but in actuality it doesn't live up to the hype. As soon as you put a tennis ball in the main bag, the small treat bag becomes difficult to access. The treat bag should be it's own pocket in it's own right. The bag simply isn't wide enough - it's essentially a flat bag with no "floor" so anything that goes in it make it instantly bulging. I could do with some external loops too for throwers or caribiners. The other impracticality is that as soon as you lean down to pick up something or pat your dog, the bag swings forwards on you. The internal MP3 player pocket really needs a Velcro closure strap too or needs to be deeper. A hefty throw with a thrower can see the MP3 player jump out.

    Really not impressed to be honest. I got sold on the PR.

    With all that said, the quality of the bag is top notch.

    (Posted on 1/02/2018)
    It's an essential! Review by Nik

    I've only recently bought this bag, and already I love it. It holds much more than I expected, and is soooo comfortable. My dog walking friends are now buying their own instead of putting stuff in mine!

    (Posted on 21/10/2016)

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