Organic Cotton Pet Futon



With close to a million Pet Futons sold over the last 25 years there's a reason the Snooza Pet Futon is a favourite in households around Australia and beyond.  Classically Australian, our wool blend futon now comes with Organic Covers, extra comfort & updated colours and print - great for pets and for the environment too.



The addition of a NEW Ash Grey cover and subtle changes to the tones and print colours on our Natural, Blue & Green Futons bring these updated colours into line with today's modern interiors. 





Touching the earth as lightly as possible is something we care very deeply about at Snooza. Making the move to Organic Cotton is a natural progression for us. We’re always looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and moving to organic cotton for the Pet Futon is another step forward for us to provide the safest, most comfortable, environmentally and socially friendly products for your pet.


Organic cotton & the environment


  1. Organic cotton uses up to 80% less water and 50-60% less energy.

  2. Organic cotton uses no toxic pesticides and no GMO seeds

  3. Organic cotton encourages soil fertility and prevents soil erosion, harmful chemical runoff and pollution of waterways

  4. Organic cotton has far less impact on our eco-system i.e. birds, insects, animals and fish.

  5. Organic cotton provides better health and safer working conditions for Organic Cotton Famers and staff worldwide

  6. Organic cotton reduces the contribution to global warming through reduced use of mineral fertilisers, pesticides, irrigation, and machinery operation

  7. Organic cotton reduces you and your pet's exposure to harmful chemicals in the cotton manufacturing process


Organic cotton & your pet


Organic Cotton does not contain any harsh chemicals that may harm your pet. Both the pillowcase and the mattress casing of the Organic Pet Futon are made from organic cotton which minimises your pet’s exposure to harmful chemicals or pesticides. With your purchase of the Organic Pet Futon you also receive the added benefit of knowing you are purchasing an ethically produced and environmentally sustainable product.




 Still made by us in Melbourne. We take an Australian wool batt blended with predominantly recycled PET and encase it in an Organic cover before sewing it closed and knotting it to keep the filling in place.



A reduction in the size of the print and an update of the iconic design give the new organic futon a fresh and modern look while still retaining it's classic heritage.

The print colours have also updated from a green print to a navy print on the Natural futon cover and from a cream print on the Green & Blue futon covers to a subtle oyster colour print.

The tone of the Green futon has been updated from a darker heritage green to a lighter bluer green while the brighter blue cover of the blue futon has been updated with navy.





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