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    Simple but stylish! Thick wadding encassed in reversible polar fleece in our favourite 'lab' colours. The Multimat® is exactly that, a fantastic go anywhere multi-purpose mat. We initially designed it to fit our raised beds, with velcro tabs at each corner to stop it sliding around but it's more versatile than that! Our dogs use it just about anywhere - it makes a super floor mat, in the car, on holiday. And if it hasn't got our logo embroidered in the corner then it's just not a 'ridgy-didge' fully washable Snooza Multimat®!



    If you're looking to use your Multimat on one of our raised beds, the sizes are designed to match i.e. a small size Multimat will fit a small size Original Dog Bed, Fleaproofer, Flea-Free Dog Bed or Super Deluxe Dog Bed. The velcro tabs are reversible so either the chocolate or the sand polarfleece can be on top and are designed to wrap around each leg to keep it snuggly in place.

  • Sizes:
      Length Width
    Mini 460mm 430mm
    Small 720mm 570mm
    Medium 900mm 600mm
    Large 1020mm 700mm
    Extra Large 1150mm 780mm
    All sizes are approximate.
  • Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
  • Customer Reviews

    Snuggly soft lounge about Review by Arabella

    We have 2 Multimats now, one for the soft crate and one for the stretcher bed. Being able to secure the mat with the velcro straps stops my boy from sliding around when he dives onto his bed - fantastic! The Multimat is so comfy and snuggly. We just love Snooza products. Between the Buddy Bed, Pet Futon and Multimat my boy has his comfort all sorted!

    (Posted on 4/05/2016)
    Fantastic product, perfect for an arthritic 10 year old dog. Review by Robin

    My Rottie is 10 years old and has arthritis. This lovely multimat keeps her warm and comfy and she has to fight the cat for the bed. I have now ordered one for the 9year old cat to sleep on!!!! Thanks so much :)

    (Posted on 6/04/2016)
    Other colour schemes for black dogs? Review by Katie

    Hi Snooza, I'm Katie and I love my bed and multimat. BUT I'm a Black Labrador, and you know, black and brown really look a bit muddy together. There is the cream side of course, but somehow it just gets covered in black hair. I wondered if you could think about making these mats in black and grey as well, to suit four-legged people like me and other black/white/grey dogs. It would just look SO good!

    (Posted on 15/03/2016)

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