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    Made from super tough 1000 denier fabric, not only is the D1000 washable, Teflon coated, UV treated, flea-free, re-fillable AND water repellent it also looks so good you might need two - one for inside & one for outside! The cover is sealed with a completely hidden durable zip & the inner is also zippered to allow for easy washing (ideally suited to our Laundry Bag!) & fresh filling. We'd never call any of our beds 'indestructible' (they're for dogs after all) but this bed is tough with a capital T!


    This bed is not only super tough it also has a water repellent cover. This means that dogs & water will have a hard time getting in but it also means it's difficult for air to get out. Therefore, it's importatnt to take the cover off and air the inner regularly to ensure it stays in tip top condition.

    Trapped air can also mean it may take a little more time for your dog to get used to how this bed feels. But be patient, with each wash the 'puffiness' will subside & your dog, like ours, will love it!

    As the dangly part of the zip (or pull tab) is often enticing to a dog & can lead to a bed's eventual demise we deliberately leave it off. To remove the cover, simply slide a paper clip through the slider.

  • Sizes (filled):
      Length Width
    Small 900mm 650mm
    Medium 1050mm 800mm
    Large 1200mm 950mm
    Extra Large 1350mm 1100mm
    All sizes have been measured to the best of our ability
    but, when dealing with soft things, we can only approximate.
  • Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

    Snooza beds perform best when aired regularly.

  • Customer Reviews

    D1000 Large Review by Indy

    Indy loves it (initially a bit wary) and it's so easy to keep clean (a bit longer and I would sleep on it!).

    (Posted on 21/03/2018)
    Great durable product Review by Kate

    Hi, we have 2 of your snoozas for our 2 black Labs and we use them inside and outside, they are great for both. The covers are amazing, so easy to wash, and despite being in the sun at times over the years they look as good as new. I'm also impressed that every bit of the bed is washable, even the special fill (which is super comfy). One of our dogs was temporarily disabled due to a spinal injury and his snooza saw him through rehab without him ever getting any bed sores.

    (Posted on 2/02/2018)
    Love this bed Review by Bianca

    Our dog isn't one to destroy things, but I purchased this bed (large) because he developed hyrgomas on his elbows and wanted something pillowy for him. We love this bed! We shift it around from indoors to outdoors and our dog has loved it now for probably 4 years? Checking back now to buy some extra fill as it's lost some of it's poof, but would recommend this bed to anyone. I throw the cover in the wash maybe 3 times a year.
    We have 3 Snooza beds (this D1000 and 2x pillows) and can't get enough of this great company!

    (Posted on 29/09/2016)
    Bella took a while to take to this bed Review by R

    Bella took a while to take to this bed as she's used to the material type beds, but as has to scratch her bed before she gets in, I felt the D1000 would be great. She now won't get out of the D1000, it's so soft as well as being tough.

    We will continue to buy nothing but Snooza. Keep on supplying fantastic products.

    (Posted on 15/08/2016)
    Amazing quality Review by C

    Amazing quality, each and every time. My pet loves Snooza!

    (Posted on 15/08/2016)
    Looks great but not as tough as I was led to believe Review by disgruntled

    This was the perfect size for our dogs and their new bed, so I had high hopes for it after reading about guarantees and how tough it is.
    It lasted a day before our terriers had holes in the corners, and a week before it was beyond use.
    We've had other, cheaper beds, that whilst they don't last indefinitely, they do last months instead of days.
    I'd remove the bit about how tough it is as it's not living up to expectations.

    (Posted on 11/08/2016)

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