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  • Overview

    Our Buddy Beds epitomise our long held belief that a good bed should last! We're also keen on recycling so hate the thought of throwing out a bed when all it needs is a pick-me-up (if you must, consider donating it to our Save-a-Bed Scheme). The NEW DESIGN incorporates removable covers - cushion & body AND a separate zippered inner which means washing is so easy, & so is changing your mind! Simply purchase a replacement cover to change the look, or have a spare when one is in the wash! To top it all off, the base is covered in non-slip paws in case of over excited running leaps to bed!



    What's inside?

    Our Buddy Bed cushions are filled with Snoozafill, a unique blend of foam and fibre specifically designed for pets. Providing the perfect combination of stability and comfort (soft enough for your pet to 'nest' but firm enough to cushion) it's brilliant at retaining its loft AND its machine washable - that's clever! With our 1/2kg refill packs you can put as much or as little filling in your bed as you like and freshen it up when it needs it.

    With zippered access to the filling our Lavender Warmer is the perfect accessory. Manufactured using Australian grown lavender and wheat it's a natural way to keep your pet cosy or, can simply be used to keep the fleas away if they don't need the warmth. No longer will you pet's bed smell 'woody'!

  • Sizes:
      Length Width
    Small 530mm 500mm
    Medium 640mm 600mm
    Large 800mm 720mm
    Extra Large 980mm 850mm
    All sizes have been measured to the best of our ability
    but, when dealing with soft things, we can only approximate.
  • Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
  • Customer Reviews

    Cosy comfort Review by Millie & Felix

    This is such a great bed. Our No.1 hound is a greyhound cross and we also foster retired racing greyhounds; the soft sides allow for sprawling, roaching and general hanging of legs and heads in all directions, then the sides spring back up and it's a cosy spot to curl up in. The straight sides make the bed remarkably compact which is perfect for the limited space in the home office where it lives. With the quick change covers and Snooza washability it's highly recommended, an excellent product.

    (Posted on 29/01/2019)
    Doberman proof Review by Keith

    My seven month old Doberman has had her buddy bed since she was two months old. She is caged at night and every morning she attacks the bed; thrashes it around, and often turns it upside down; she is excited to see it even though I put the cushion in the cage for night time sleep. if I touch her bed to relocate it in the house she gets excited and possessive over it.

    It has withstood razor sharp puppy teeth and now is withstanding some beautiful, long, curved doberman fangs - rather she sink them into the bed than me. LOL

    I did not expect the quality and durability of this bed to be so good.

    (Posted on 12/06/2018)
    Beds are very comfortable and cosy. Review by Christine

    I love my beds - I have one in the car for travelling, one in the bedroom to sleep in each night and a spare (just in case). They are very comfortable and I can rest my head on the wall to keep my eyes on what is happening. I have the small size which is big enough for me and my cuddly toy as I am a very cute mini schnauzer.

    (Posted on 31/03/2018)
    I have found the Buddy Bed to be fantastic value for money. Review by Chihuahua

    I have found the Buddy Bed to be fantastic value for money. I ended up buying 2 for my Chihuahua's. Great product & brand.

    (Posted on 21/03/2018)
    I love my new buddy beds! Review by Willow

    My Mum had been looking at the buddy beds for quite a while, I'm so happy she bought 2 of them for me. Now I have a snugly medium size bed in the lounge room, I sleep in this one while I guard the house during the day. Mum also bought a large bed for in the family room so I stretch out and rest with Mum and Dad while they watch TV at night.
    Mum is so happy with the beds, she says that they are so well made and she loves that we can buy different coloured covers for when she changes the decor in the house again. - Willow

    (Posted on 24/06/2017)
    We love this bed so much, we have just bought another one Review by Gizmo & Coco

    When I was little my peeps bought me a small buddy bed and I fell in love with it. A couple of years later Coco came along and she wanted to share my bed, but it was too small, so my peeps bought a large buddy bed and we have been sleeping in it together for 5 years now. Even though the bed has been restuffed and repaired a couple of times, we have worn it out, so our peeps have just ordered a new one. We do have another bed in the house, but it is not a buddy bed and we would rather sleep on the floor, than sleep in it. We can't wait for our new buddy bed to arrive - Gizmo & Coco

    (Posted on 22/01/2017)
    Versatile, transportable, dreamy Review by Arabella

    My boy Gene just loves his Buddy Bed. He curls up, flops over the edges, rests his head looking out at the world, gets in all sorts of weird upside down positions. Like Nitro, I also put the bed in the backseat of the car for a safe, quiet and comfy ride. So portable, I move it about so he can curl up next to me no matter where I am.

    (Posted on 4/05/2016)
    I love this bed, I rest my chin on the surround & watch my humans go about their daily chores. Review by Nitro

    My Favourite place to lie and watch the world go by. It's easy to wash, easy to keep clean and we even use it for me to sit in in the car when we go away for the weekend. It fits neatly in the back of the GTR so I am as snug as a bug in a rug.... I have had it since I was a 6 month old puppy and I am now 5 years old and it still looks like new - no really, I'm not a chewer... I love it - Nitro

    (Posted on 3/03/2016)

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