We’re for Cats…

We’re a pretty excitable lot but so much more so when we get to launch brand new products.  We’re all aflutter over our brand new Cosy Nook and The Cat Bed. Why? Because they’ve been specifically designed for cats.

Snooza have manufactured cat products for a long time, our Cat Pole has been around for 20 years after all, and even though as our name suggests we manufacture Pet Products, more often than not the impression taken is we manufacture dog beds only – not so true. We’re for cats…. and dogs, and guinea pigs and rabbits and ferrets and rats…. we’re for pets.


The Cat Bed – the ultimate in kitty bedding!

When Quarantine Services Australia needed a specific bedding solution for their Feline Facility they called us.  The brief was big, with washability, comfort and ease of use at the top of the list – after all, 120 cats pass through their facility every 10 days! We put our heads together and weighed the pros and cons of each fabric, we turned beds inside out and upside down, we washed them, rolled them, stretched them and propped them open; we discussed, dismissed and started all over again and…. Viola! The Cat Bed was born!

There are other cat beds on the market that may look similar but in true Snooza style every element of these beds was thought through from every perspective and they were designed and made from scratch by us here in Melbourne. The polar fleece and mock lambswool are hardwearing and luxurious, the flexible strapping is made of plastic so that the bed can be easily washed (and not damage your machine!), the entrance stays open, the bed can be reversed and converted into a pod, tunnel or cuddly round bed and most of all?..... Cats love it, they really do!

“The beds are functional and are working brilliantly. The cats love this bed, it’s easy to wash and the staff are thrilled as it dries so quickly.”

Amber Forbes, Department of Agriculture & Water Resources

The bed has been put through its paces and is used by 120 cats every ten days from all walks of life. So, by our calculations it’s been tested by 1,440 cats to date (& counting), will your cat be next?

The Cosy Nook – the cosiest hideaway around

We wanted to offer something a little different to our feline friends (and their K9 companions). Something stylish, cosy, practical and portable. Enter the Cosy Nook! Made from durable hardwearing synthetic felt in oh-so-chic charcoal grey it is the perfect hideaway for those who like to feel secure and safe in their own space. Inside sits a removable, zippered and fully washable woolly topped mat which makes cleaning a breeze.

The lightweight collapsible design means the Cosy Nook is light enough to be moved easily from room to room (it has a handy handle at the back) or folded up and taken with you on holidays – nothing better than having your own familiar house with you in a new spot! Even better it’s available in two sizes, the smaller size even fitting inside an Ikea cube – clever! The larger size is great for larger cats, those who like to share or for medium sized dogs –we’ve got everyone covered!


Both The Cat Bed & Cosy Nook come with our 100% Lifetime  Guarantee and are backed by our Free Repair Service.


We’ll be on the road visiting  Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane this year at a few events, why not pop in to see us and see these products in person!

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