It’s not a good time to visit our showroom. Last week a very special shipment arrived - our new you beauty bobby dazzler photo studio. It’s now unpacked. But not assembled. Six big boxes. Modular (think IKEA on steroids). If you work with us you’ll know we have an unflagging optimism & quite often an unreal expectation of how long something will take. Ang started the task last Wednesday however she only works Mon - Wed so that wasn’t a good idea. It is so exciting to finally have it. We ordered it last November & there’s two ladies in our office that can’t get the ‘smile off their dial’. Be gone white sheet draped from pallet racking! Welcome mini studio with 96 special lights. And we have plans - big plans - for it. When we do build it (by this Wednesday?) we’ll let you know .... because it’d be pretty cool to visit us (with your pet). We’ll take your picture and splash it all over our website & social media streams.