As true blue Aussies here at Snooza, we love being outdoors, as do our pets. We have all the pet products you need for being out and about – for sleeping, eating, exercising, camping, road tripping and more. As always our outdoor dog beds and accessories were thoughtfully designed with your pet first in mind., We back our products with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee against faulty workmanship & materials as well as a Free Repair Service. What’s not to love?

Outdoor dog beds: why does your dog need one?


As mere humans we often take our personal beds for granted, can you imagine if it was taken away?

Dogs, just like us need beds – they do sleep between 12-14 hours per day after all. They need support for their backs and joints, insulation & security. For those dogs that spend a vast amount of time outside, it’s very important that they’re provided with bedding to protect & offer them the security and comfort they need to stay happy & healthy.

Dog beds in Australia are in plentiful supply so much so that it can be confusing when you want to make a purchase. We find that the key is choosing a great quality outdoor dog bed that is going to last the distance & is suitable for Aussie conditions (which thankfully Snooza beds are both).

Snooza raised beds (or trampoline beds) are a fantastic choice for your outdoor dog bed! They can be used year round and will keep your dog off the ground. Being elevated, these beds offer the best in support as the pets weight is spread evenly. Our raised beds are sturdy and don’t sag like a soft cushion style can. Also making them the ideal bedding solution for older/arthritic pets. Most dogs will find a Snooza raised dog bed that will suit them as they hold weights up to 100kg.

Raised dog beds are insulating. Soft beds that usually live on the floor can become hot & bothered during the warmer months and can be quite chilly in winter. Air flows under raised dog beds so will keep your pet cool in summer and off the cold ground in winter, how clever!

Hygiene is another important factor to consider when choosing an outdoor dog bed. Our raised beds are easily brushed down and the covers can be easily washed (& replaced, which makes these beds very economical over the lifetime of your pet). As air flows through these beds they’re also very much flea-free!

Lastly, durability is key. Snooza raised beds are made from the best steel and materials right here in our Melbourne Factory. Our welding skills are top notch and we don’t just spot weld like most manufacturers our weld is all the way round which essentially means our beds last for many years!

Should I accessorize?

Yes, definitely! We have some fabulous accessories available to upgrade your Snooza raised bed. Add a Multimat or Woolly Cover (or both) to offer even more comfort and warmth during the colder months.