Why you’d love to be a piece of paper at Snooza …but not a staple! You couldn’t be more valued if you happened to reincarnate as an A4 sheet of paper here. Firstly you’d join us with a load of embedded integrity – we wouldn’t let you near us if you hadn’t been recycled. We’d use you one way & then turn you over & use you the other. Not so fast, you’re not finished yet because now Big Shredder joins the party. Every week we shred the paper we’ve used on both sides & donate it to rescue organizations or breeders for their puppy play pens. Now if you’re a staple you’re put into the steel recycling bin. We prefer paperclips though as they’re a lot easier to work with & we reuse them again & again. We invested in a scanner 4 years ago & love it. Any paper dockets we receive from suppliers we now scan & then use the blank side. Most of our customers are happy with an emailed invoice so we no longer print these. All these initiatives have come slowly but the end result has been not a paper free office (we still can’t quite figure out how they really can exist) but an office with lot less paper & significantly more space – we no longer have 4 filing cabinets. We have filing cabinets for sale (black 2 & 3 drawer) – all open & empty. Sorry no classified docs of national security inside!