We thought you’d like to know our Cubbie is now available in a new, improved design with a zippered, removable cover! We’ve been on a mission over the years to make all of our pet beds fully machine washable, with fully-zippered covers. Finally, the Cubbie’s day has come. Now, every single component part of the Cubbie is replaceable …hooray (this definitely gets our Green tick of approval)! Our motto: We love zips and hate things going into landfill.

What does clean really mean? 

You might ask us why we're so obsessed with zippers and machine washability in the world of pet bedding. It's simple really...we want to make it easy for you to wash your pet bedding and keep your pet happy and healthy. 

We receive a lot of comments about pet bedding (not ours) that is stitched closed. Although fully machine washable it will not fit in a normal sized washing machine. That's what makes a Snooza bed unique, it can be broken down for easy machine washing! 

If you need more info on washing your Snooza, you'll find it here.