At Snooza the gals definitely outnumber the guys. We’re a small but mighty bunch, as diverse as they come…which makes for a great team. To that end let us introduce you to the front of house gals (we’ll introduce you to our fabulous men next week). 


The  front of house Gals


 Victoria Hope Snooza Pet Products  




Our head girl, Vic is the driving force behind Snooza – after all she started the company and is still running it today.  Vic is like a whirlwind that is everywhere at once; in the sewing room, on the factory floor, messing up the office, picking up the phone and telling you exactly what bed you need and why.  

Motto: Can I recycle this? Pets: Ellie the Greyhound and Digger the real dog

Fiona O'shea   



Vic may be the head girl but Fiona is our hall monitor, nothing gets past her. She is constantly dreaming up new ways to make your Snooza experience even better. She keeps our Snooza stockists stocked, dreams up fabulous promotions and keeps us all on track & busy! Fiona also has a lovely Irish accent but won’t sing for us no matter how much we ask.

Motto: Oh the places we’ll go!  Pets: Currently looking for love

 Angela Nott  




Ange is our relationship builder – everyone likes her cos she’s soooooo nice. Ange takes (very good) care of our retailers around Australia, she is a gun at product development, knows everything about zips, gussets and fabric and is fabulous at setting up our embroidery machines. In short she’s our walking talking Snooza Guide.

Motto: I can show you how!   Pets: Abbey & Marley the Puli’s, a million horses and a goat

 Christine Simper  




Chris is like a human Filofax & a font of Snooza knowledge and history. Cries of “Chris will know” echo throughout the office as we try to pinpoint exactly what day/month/year a new fabric was released and what colourways it may have come in. She also pays us so she’s super handy to have around.

Motto: The data does not lie  Pets: Roxy the mini Fox Terrier

 Elaine Salt  



Elaine is our creative graphics gal. Amongst other things she manages our social media streams, coordinates our exhibitions (but is not an exhibitionist) and occasionally emails you with things you’ll really want to know about (like our personalised beds launch). She can be found immersed in any one of her Adobe software programs and has been known to engage in a bit of nepotism with Storm making an appearance in much of her work – lucky he’s so handsome!

 Motto:  #snoozapetsarethebest   Pets: Storm the Siberian Husky

 Jayde Mills  



Our angel of repairs, taker of orders and deliverer of exceptional customer service. Amongst (many) other things Jayde is Snooza’s resident problem solver and is most likely the person you’ll get on the other end of the phone when you call up. She may even call you personally to ask your Pet’s birthday and breed because she just cares so darn much. She’s currently also growing a baby so sometimes forgets our names.

Motto: Can we fix it? Yes we can!  Pets: Eddie the Mini Dashie