Our bustling sewing room we’re happy to report is alive and thriving as we make pet beds and repair them for their overzealous owners.

We’re very proud of this fact, so very proud for instance that Annie and Lin masters of our sewing room can take a bolt of gorgeous bunny fabric (just last week!) and make it into limited edition Easter Cuddlers right here in our factory – all hand-made (no more left sorry, they sold out in 2 days…)!

So proud that we offer a free repair service for chewed and damaged beds – let’s face it, dogs chew and all pets can be pretty hard on their beds, we think if you fork out your well-earned money the least we can do is offer a service to help extend the life of your pet’s bed (provided we get it before it’s too far gone).

Love the style of our beds but the fabric just isn’t too your taste? Or, you love one of our fabrics but perhaps we don’t make it in a Cuddler or Buddy Bed? No problem! Bring us your fabric and we’ll whip up your very own bespoke Snooza, or we’ll cut a pattern from the fabric you do like and make it into your favourite style Snooza to suit.  Great right?

Who works all this magic?

Well, we’re very glad you asked. Our wizards in the sewing room, Lin and Annie will patch and sew your chewed or ripped Snooza covers before you can say “No! Bad dog”.  

In addition to sewing our fabulous limited edition beds, and whipping up custom orders Annie is also hands-on in making our Iconic Pet Futon while Lin is behind the scenes embroidering your pet’s name on our new Personalised Bed Collection.  Their workmanship is top notch and their manner cheeky – which is just how we like it at Snooza!

So if you’re looking for a great quality Pet Bed or need your Snooza repaired please get in touch, we do love a chat and we know our stuff – honest!

Limited Edition Easter Cuddler              Custom made Cocoon
@brocky_jrt enjoying their Easter Cuddlers made by Annie & Lin   A custom made Cocoon in Town & Country Fabric