Just recently Eric Trump said his father only liked one colour - green - because it was the colour of money. We’re keen on green too, but for different reasons. On the white board in our office we’ve got a tally of our green initiatives. It feels very warm & fuzzy when we can tote up another on that board! We obsess over recycling our paper, lunch scraps (they go our worm farm), staples, fabric oddments and everything in between. There’s even a running joke in the office that if you stand still for too long around here you’ll be recycled!!

For the last two months we’ve been working on a potential new entry to the board - a removable cover for our cat pole bases. This is really exciting because we’re not keen staplers (more on that in another post) & the base had 16 staples which made it very hard to repair or replace. This will mean we can now offer removable, reversible & replaceable base covers to complement our removable, reversible & replaceable cat pole covers. Whoo hoo! So if it works...which we are super sure it will.... then this will be the ONLY ONE OF ITS TYPE IN THE WORLD - a staple free, keep on using me forever Cat Pole. In a roundabout way you gave us the idea (we had no idea you turned the cat pole covers upside down to get more wear from them) & our very clever Mario designed it! We now just need some testers. We’ll do a call out soon!