Do you think about what stage of life your Dog is at when you buy their bed?  Puppy, adolescence, active, senior, post-surgery, special needs – all have specific needs so to this end Snooza design beds for every dog no matter their age, condition or preferences.


It’s exciting all round when a new puppy comes home but none more so than for them. Puppies make a mess, they get quite grubby when exploring, they stand in their food and they have little accidents on their beds. For this reason, we generally recommend old blankets & towels initially until your puppy is house-trained, out of the destructive stage and ready for a nice bed. To begin with we’d suggest our outdoor raised beds and Stay Dry Matting.

Once your older puppy or young dog is ready for their ’nice’ bed, washability is top of the list. A bed that can be fully washed, filling and all will be your saviour.  Removable covers are great because you can have a spare cover on the bed when the grubby one is in the wash. Warmth is also important if your puppy is in the laundry or in a draughty area consider a walled bed such as a Cuddler, Jack’s Bed or Buddy Bed that has sides but also a soft filled cushion for them to snuggle into. If they are on a tiled or wooden floor a Pet Futon is ideal as the insulating properties of the wool keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.


Buddy Bed & Futon

Adolescent & Active:

As your dog moves into their next stage they may need more than one bed. If they spend a lot of time outside shelter is important and so is an outdoor dog bed that will survive the elements. Snooza raised beds are Australian Made from Australian steel and have replaceable covers. Our Flea-Free and Fleaproofer beds are made from a shade cloth type material allowing dirt, dust and water to pass through making it hard for fleas to nest and helping to keep your pet dry. In summer a raised bed is ideal keeping your pet off the hot ground and letting the air circulate around them.

For those who like a soft filled option our D1000 and Durobed are tough enough for outdoors but water resistant with removable covers that can be washed in the machine. The D1000 is made from Teflon coated 1000 denier fabric, while the Durobed is made from the same shade cloth material as our Fleaproofer beds - by no means indestructible but tough enough to withstand active dogs while still giving comfort.

Flea Free Raised Bed & D1000

Senior dogs, large breeds & those with special needs

Just like people dogs can slow down as they get older and show signs of arthritis, joint problems, incontinence and breed specific ailments may become more apparent. To this end, a little extra thought in choosing their bedding will go a long way to ease discomfort and to make sure your dog is well rested through a quality sleep. When we design beds we keep these things in mind. 

For those dogs with hip, ligament & joint problems or post-surgery pets we recommend low profile beds with a stable (mat-type) base instead of loose fill which can be unstable.

These types of beds make it easy to get on and off while the base gives stability and has minimal movement underfoot. The Pet Futon, Orthobed, Bumper Bed & Magnomat are great choices as each has their own specific benefits and all have fully washable, removable and replaceable covers.

Magnomat; magnetic therapy and water resistant cover ideal for incontinent pets, woolly top available for extra comfort.

Orthobed: convoluted foam great for post-surgery. Our bed most recommended by vets.

Pet Futon: Wool has heat insulating properties, low profile, good for dogs who feel the heat or feel the cold

Bumper Bed; a low-walled bed, non-slip base, soft filled bolsters & polyester wadding in the base for stability.

 Orthobed & Big Dog Bed

Orthobed & Big Dog Bed

For larger breeds and those who need extra support for their bigger frames, the Big Dog Bed is available in two sizes; Big & Junior.  Memory foam tops the thick inner of this bed. Its low impact, dampening effect makes it ideal for older dogs, big or heavy dogs & dogs with joint problems. Replacement covers are available. We've specifically designed the ripstop cover with as few seams as possible to maximise its water resistance in case of incontinence.

Snooza for Life

When you buy a Snooza bed you have us for life.  We love happy customers & back our materials & workmanship with a 100% lifetime guarantee against flaws & defects. Whilst we cannot guarantee against the damage pets can cause (dogs can chew through bone after all!), we do offer a FREE REPAIR SERVICE in an effort to extend the life of your Snooza product. So if your pet's shown their bed a little too much love, we may be able to help.