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Welcome to our musings …. we wanted to share a little more about Snooza with you & why we do what we do! We’ll be covering everything from tips, tricks, design, product news, all about our people (& pets) & maybe occasionally go off tangent to give you insight to the principles behind some of the decisions we make. And we’d love to hear from you too. You & your pets are the reason we’re still around (who would have thought - it’s nearly 30 years!).


20/02/2018 4:08 pm
Why you’d love to be a piece of paper at Snooza …but not a staple!You couldn’t be more valued if you happened to reincarnate as an A4 sheet of paper here.
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5/02/2018 3:02 pm

Just recently Eric Trump said his father only liked one colour - green - because it was the colour of money. We’re keen on green too, but for different reasons. On the white board in our office we’ve got a tally of our green initiatives. It feels very warm & fuzzy when we can tote up another on that board! We obsess over recycling our paper, lunch scraps (they go our worm farm), staples, fabric oddments and everything in between. There’s even a running joke in the office that if you stand still for too long around here you’ll be recycled!!

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