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    So committed are we to trying to do the 'right thing' that we have a worm farm at the factory for all our lunch scraps. We recycle all our paper, plastic & steel & try to give to local schools all our offcuts. The larger pieces we couldn't part with - hence our designer Dog Bones & why you don't necessarily get to choose which colour you get!

    Thinking Green

    A worthwhile note ...

    Our Dog Bone is a toy... a fairly obvious statement we know but it does mean it's subjected to some pretty serious punishment from slobber, teeth & generally being tossed & tugged around. Whilst you & your dog should get many hours of playful bonding from this product it's often the fun things that don't last forever. Toys are there to be enjoyed, to exercise & to entertain... & to stop your dog destroying the more important things around the house. For this reason our Dog Bone doesn't come with the 100% lifetime guarantee that you've come to expect from a Snooza product... but we guarantee you'll enjoy the time you have.

  • Sizes:
    Small 200mm
    Large 250mm
  • Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

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